1.All cleats and shin guards are to be checked prior to the start of the game. A player will not be allowed to play or practice without the proper equipment.

2.No scores will be kept.Every game is a tie.

3.A six goal spread will be the maximum permitted.No team should feel destroyed at the end of the game.

4.Parents and spectators must stand on the opposite side of the field from the players.Coaches and the team parent only, are permitted to stand with the players.

5.2 – 20 minute halves, 10 minute halftime

6.Use 7 vs. 7 small sided rules.Sides can be reduced depending upon player availability and both coaches agreeing.

7.Goalies will be used at all times.

8.Officiating will be at the discretion of the Micro-Mini Soccer Coordinator,

9.Throw-ins are a must. Allow 2 tries and instruct on proper method as they are learning this – throw-ins are new to this age group.

10.Substitutions – Any team may substitute before a six yard kick or before either team’s throw-in.

11.There is NO off sides

12.1 additional coach from each team may be on the field for instruction if another coach is officiating. (Max 2 coaches per team on field – both sides must agree before the start of the game.)

13.#4 size soccer ball is used

14.All referees must have a loud whistle and a stop watch to keep time. Be sure play is stopped before making any ruling.

15.Coaches from both teams must confer with the referee before the game so there may be no misunderstandings during the game.

16.When making a call on the field, make sure you are heard. Remember, this is a young group and they are learning the rules. It would be helpful to explain the ruling when it appears new to the players or coaches.

17.The Head Coach is responsible for the behavior of his coaches, parents and spectators.The primary point to remember is that ‘The kids are out here to learn the game of soccer and have fun. Our Lady of Hope Athletic Association maintains a ‘Zero Tolerance’ rule.No verbal abuse or physical altercation will be tolerated.Encouragement should be directed towards the players in a positive manner.At all times, respect should be shown towards all coaches, players, parents and referees.Respect their decisions and remember this is not a World Cup soccer match.Keep things in perspective.

18.Parents may bring any issues or problems to the attention of the Micro Mini Coordinator or the Athletic Director. Refer to www.ourladyofhopeaa.org for contact information.
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