The Our Lady of Hope Regional School Athletic Board

Welcome to the website sponsored by the Our Lady of Hope Regional School Athletic Board (“OLHAA”). Our new website is one of many improvements implemented by the OLHAA during the 2007-08 school year, and the best is yet to come. The OLHAA is responsible for all aspects of all of Our Lady of Hope’s sporting events throughout the school year. The OLHAA is dedicated to organizing and managing Our Lady of Hope’s sports and sporting events. Our goal is to provide our Our Lady of Hope school children with an excellent Catholic-Christian athletic experience that will enhance their educational experiences and stay with them throughout their lives.

In pursuit of our effort to provide your children with a safe and caring sporting environment, OLHAA has created a new position, safety environmental officer.

The Diocese of Camden requires that anyone in regular contact with our children must complete the training and requirements of the Child Assault Prevention Program (“CAP”). Our efforts to keep our children safe include advertising cap training sessions, providing information and resources on fingerprinting and strong encouragement to all coaches that they get cap certified. Our goal is to achieve 100% cap compliance at the soonest possible date.

We have also increased communication between OLHAA and Our Lady of Hope to make sure our student-athletes are performing in the classroom. We have provided team rosters to Our Lady of Hope School which allow only student-athletes in good standing to participate in sports.

Our children are the future and are the future leaders of the catholic community. While we all enjoy winning, we seek to emphasize to all Our Lady of Hope coaches, parents and sports program participants the importance of sportsmanship, personal development, and school spirit. The OLHAA works hard to solicit and evaluate quality coaches who are dedicated to the values we emphasize, who are dedicated to Our Lady of Hope and who are dedicated to Christ. The OLHAA requires that every parent sign a parent’s code of conduct, which confirms their agreement to provide positive support for their children, teammates, coaches and officials. Parents are also asked to refrain from any conduct or activities which would detract from the enjoyment of the sporting events by all participants.

We invite you to participate in our sports programs, activities and fund raisers throughout the year. We are sure you will find the experience very rewarding. Please become our partners as we do our best to make the sporting experience most enjoyable for all of our children. Please help us keep the Our Lady of Hope flame, our school mascot and the symbol of the Holy Spirit, burning throughout our school community.

May god bless you.

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