1) This guideline pertains to OLH team sports as outlined below;

  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys Baseball
  • Girls Softball
  • Any other team sport deemed necessary by the OLH Athletic Board.
  • Exempt are Boys and Girls Cross Country and Boys and Girls Track.

2) Sports Registration

  1. Registration for team sports shall be held prior to the start of each season. This may include registration in the spring for fall sports.
  2. Registration shall take place by using the OLH website or in person at one of the live registration dates.
  3. Registration fees shall be pre-set as determined by the OLH Athletic Board based on a budget that maintains the ability to provide the highest quality of commitment for the children and for the school.
  4. A deadline for registration shall be posted on the OLH website for each sport.
  5. If a parent fails to register their child by the sports deadline, the Commissioner of the sport along with the Athletic Director shall place the child on a team if roster spots are still available. If spots are not available, they will be notified and placed on a waiting list.
  6. It is the intention of the OLH Athletic Board to include each and every child that wish to participate in sports and include them on a team.

3) Team Selection and Evaluations

Purpose and Intent.  Evaluations shall be for Varsity (7th and 8th grades) teams only.  This is due to the fact that OLOH teams competing at these levels are very competitive travel teams, which compete against other schools which have formed their teams based upon skill level and through evaluation processes.

A) Conduct of Evaluations.

  1. The Athletic Director shall engage a neutral party to complete the evaluations. The Athletic Director shall present the Evaluator credentials and an outline of the evaluation process to the OLH Board for approval prior to evaluations.
  2. The Evaluation date(s) shall be posted on the OLHAA website no later than two (2) weeks prior to evaluations, but as early as possible.
  3. At least two (2) OLH Athletic Board Members, the sport Commissioner, Varsity Coach and the Athletic Director shall be present for the evaluations.  Parents of the children are not permitted to be present for the evaluations to ensure impartiality and avoid distractions.
  4. The evaluator shall rank the players according to their skill levels and shall present the results of the evaluations to the Athletic Director.
  5. Determination of the Teams:  The Athletic Director, Varsity Coach and the Sport Commissioner shall determine teams based on the evaluators comments, the number of children registered for the sport and other factors such as dedication, discipline and OLOH commitment.
  6. Notification of Team Assignments:  The Athletic Director shall provide the Coaches with the players on each team. Team rosters shall be posted on the OLHAA website.
  7. Players who fail to attend or are unable to make evaluations are eligible for placement on teams by the Commissioner of the sport along with the Athletic Director if roster spots are still available. They may be placed on a waiting list if spots are not available. Once a player is registered, attends evaluations and is placed on a team, they are no longer eligible for a registration refund.

B) Formation of Teams

Varsity Teams:

Assuming the number of registered players’ permit it, OLH will have a Varsity “A” Team comprised of such 8th graders and 7th graders, who are evaluated and grade out at the highest level.  8th grade and 7th grade players not making the Varsity A Team will automatically be placed onto other Varsity Teams.  The Athletic Director along with the sport commissioner will determine the other Varsity team make-ups.

Depending upon the number of registered players, 6th graders may be rostered on the Varsity B Team, and may also be rostered on the Junior Varsity A Team as well.

It will be the responsibility of both Coaches to coordinate their schedules for games and practice times to facilitate coordination of players who are playing on multiple teams, to the extent possible, with the understanding that the team with the higher level will have precedence.  That is, if a player is assigned to the Varsity A Team and also plays on the B team, and has a game for both teams the same night, the Varsity A Coach shall have the right to use the player for the A game first.

Junior Varsity Teams: 5th and 6th Grade Basketball

Both the 5th and 6th grade teams will be formed to create one team for each grade.

The AA Board and Athletic Director reserve the right to hold evaluations at the JV level if they deem necessary.

If so, parents will be notified prior and teams may be composed based upon athletic ability, skill, and commitment.

4) Playing Time:

  • Junior Varsity and Varsity: All children are welcomed to be part of a team and participate in all team activities, with the understanding that practice is the cornerstone of our program. The OLOH coaching staff will create playing time based on skill level, basketball IQ, attitude, and practice habits; and should try to match like talent in all games.  Play time will also be dictated by the particular team schedule, level of competition, and performance of the team. At the Junior Varsity level only, coaches will try to schedule non-league games, and should ask the other coaches to play a 5th quarter to facilitate playing time and development for players on the team that need it..
  • Sub-Junior Varsity Teams. Teams below the level of junior varsity (third grade and fourth grade players), will play is a developmental program. Coaches will schedule games in a non-league basis. They will attempt to play all players equally throughout the season. While some players may play more than others in particular games, the goal will be to provide approximately even playing time throughout the entire season.
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