1. All coaches are required to pay the refs before every game.
a. The referees expect to be paid in cash.

2. The fee is usually equally distributed between the 2 teams playing.
a. Coaches must check with the appropriate leagues. 

3. If you desire not to pay out of pocket, you may ask the school office for the funds.
a. Place your request to the OLHAA Treasurer
b. You should ask for a few games in advance
c. School office will issue the requester a check for the desired amount
d. You must have the referee receipt form signed by the referee and returned to the OLHAA Treasurer 

4. The Treasurer will have the check amounts from the school office and will match them to the referee receipt forms submitted by the coaches.
a. Coaches will be accountable to repay the funds should they not provide the school office and/or OLHHA Treasurer with the signed referee receipt 

5. If the coaches elect to pay out of pocket, still have the referee sign the referee receipt form so they may then be submitted to the OLHAA Treasurer for reimbursement.

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