In a continuing effort to be more competitive within the varsity basketball leagues, OLHAA uses a talent evaluation process to help determine the varsity basketball teams. The basic design is for the 7th and 8th graders who registered for basketball to attend 1-2 practices for evaluations by an outside source that has no connections to the school or students.

The independent evaluator, who will only be given the numbers of the assigned jerseys for the players, will send the Athletic Director his/her recommendations for team breakups dependent upon the results of the practices.

In order for the process to be a non-biased as possible, the evaluation proceedings are not allowed to be viewed by parents or coaches. The players will be given numbered jerseys so the evaluator will not know their names or their grades. Athletic Board members and school representatives will be in attendance to ensure the fairness of the practices and the safety of the players.

Once the evaluator forwards the recommendations to the Athletic Director, the final team selections will be reviewed by the Athletic Board and ultimately decided upon by the school principle.

The evaluation process weighs heavily, but will only be one part of the final team selection process. Other concerns are taken into consideration, the most important being the well being of the program and the best intentions of the school in general.

OLHAA and the school administration reserve the right to modify the plan without warning.

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