These are procedures that should be followed for reimbursement of referee fees this season. Download the form you need to get signed by the referees before each game.

  1. You need to send your game schedule for December via email to Steve Panichelle and he will have a check sent to you for the entire month.
  2. You must then get this form signed before each game. Keep it with your scorebook and DON'T LOSE IT.
  3. You must then send the form back to Steve P with the signatures to verify all the payments you were advanced. If you are missing signatures or games, that amount will be deducted from your next check.
  4. Then submit your schedule for January and follow the same process.

These procedures must be followed exactly, or will delay your check being delivered on time or at all. We want to help you pay the ref fees, so please do you best to follow the process.

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