Field House Calendar

  • Please check your email and the field house schedule often. Because administration has given us some much gym access up-front, there will be times where we need to block days or time slots, and move games due to school functions. Administration will try to give us as much advance notice as possible, but things could change weekly. Pauline or I will email the coaches effected as soon as we know of a change.

Rescheduling a Home Game

  • Do not just give the team you are playing a time slot that looks open and consider the game moved or rescheduled.
  1. Look on the field house schedule and select 2 open time slots.  Please try and select Saturday’s and/or Sunday’s if possible.
  2. Contact Joe Aurite or Pauline Marino and tell them the two time slots selected. And the date that is being rescheduled from. They will Mark them on the calendar.
  3. Contact the opposing team and schedule game.
  4. Let Joe Aurite or Pauline Marino know which time slot will be used to play the make-up game. They will then indicate the game on the calendar and release the other time slot selected.


  • You cannot schedule a practice for a Saturday or Sunday at our field house until the Monday before.  We are trying to fill those time slots with games.  If, on the Monday before a time slot is open, you can contact Joe Aurite or Pauline Marino about a practice time.  Remember the CCC is available on Sunday’s for practices too.

Scheduled Games

  • Please do your best to start all games on time. If delayed, it could affect the entire day’s schedule. If you need to, shorten the break between periods to get back on schedule.
  • If there is a game scheduled AFTER your team’s practice slot, your practice will need to end 20 minutes earlier and your players must clear the floor at that time. This is to allow the two teams playing time to warm-up.
  • If there is a game schedule BEFORE your team’s practice slot, your team must wait until the game is completed before taking the floor. Even if this means your practice time is shortened.
  • All GAMES, for All grades take priority over any team practice
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